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  • What is the Foreign National Program

    It is possible for those new to the US to purchase property with a mortgage loan. These programs are designed for borrowers without documentation and works for those with money oversease. Prospective borrowers interested in this program will need a passport and proof of ability to repay. 

    The program details are as follows: 

    No FICO Necessary 

    No credit score is required to qualify for a loan. If you have not established credit, or have really poor credit scores, you may still qualify for this loan. 

    No Proof of Income Necessary 

    This program requires no W2s or paystubs.

    No SS Necessary

    If you do not have a social security number, you may still qualify for this loan. 

    No Citizenship Necessary & No Green Card Necessary

    No government documents of citizenship or green card needed. Just a passport.

    Other highlights:

    • N/O/O or O/O
    • Money in Foreign Banks or Offshore Accounts - OK
    • Matress Money - OK
    • 65% LTV on O/O with ITIN# and proof of ability to repay
    • 70% LTV on N/O/O Purchase - Stated
    • 65% LTV on N/O/O Refinance - Stated
    • Only requires a passport
    • Loans up to $4 million (exceptions considered on high loan amounts)

     Eligible Property Types:

    • Residential SFR, Condo 1-4 Units 
    • Non Warrantable Condos/Condotels 
    • Multi-family 
    • Mixed Use 
    • Office Building 
    • Office Condos
    • Retail
    • Groups of Condos
    • Residential Properties 
    • Owned by LLC or Corp 

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