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  • Extended Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Programs

    April 5, 2017
  • ProgramLoan Amount Min. FICOOther Reqs
    12 Months Banks Statement $75k - $3M 680

    Foreclosure 3 years, Personal Bank Statements, Business Bank Statements - All personal debts paid through business accounts. - details 

    Commercial Up to $30M   Up to 100% financing (doctors and dentists), Purchase or Refinance, Most property types, Construction financing, Loan terms up to 30 years
    Commercial Financing      click link for details 
    Conventional Program Up to 97% financing   Up to 10 financed properties, first-time homebuyers can purchase investment property and use rental income to qualify, Delayed Financing: Cash-Out 1 Day After Closing 
    EZ - Doc Program Up to $1.5M   2 months bank statements only, Self-Employed - Alt-Doc, Wage Earner - Verification of Employment Only, Foreign National Allowed
    FHA Up to 96.5% FHA  500 Collections/Charge-offs OK, Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers OK (No Fico OK), Gifts are acceptable fo 100% of down payment and closing costs, 2-year foreclosure - Extenuating Circumstances - OK
    FHA Apartment Loans Min. loan amount $2M   Fixed rate for 35/40 years, Construction and Permanent Financing in One Loan, No maximum loan amount, 5 or more units, Refinancing/Purchase/New Construction/Substantial Rehabilitation
    Funding For Foreign Nationals Up to $4M   No US Income - OK, No US Credit - OK, No Social Security Number - OK, Only require passport for Identification 
    Hard Money Average $220K no min Investors or Business Purpose Mortgage, Stated Income - Investors Only, 7 Day Funding, Current Foreclosure/Short Sales OK w/ 35% Down 
    Investors Cash Flow Up to $1M  

    Qualifications based on property cash flow, No personal income used to qualify, No tax returns or transcripts required.


    Other programs available are: 


    Jumbo Bank Statements Program

    Jumbo Stated Income for Self-Employed

    Non-Prime Programs

    Non-Prime Stated Income 

    One-Year Short Sale and Foreclosure 

    Stand Alone Seconds 

    and Unlimited properties 


    Got Questions? 


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We'll help you understand your options and find a program that works best for you.